Buried Thoughts – 2010 – CCM


Noticing the Sky – 2004 CCM & Worship


Singles – 2011


Mary Did You Know at Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville

I Am Redeemed at Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville

Worthy – ©2015

Coffee Shop

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Never the Same

In my current work with charities (ideaPraxy) it is amazing to see how God is working through various organizations partnering together over the years and presently. There is one church with many parts. May we constantly be reminded of the impact of using our gifts as diligently as we can to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

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After A While..A Thought

After such a long break from posting here I would be very surprised that many would be checking back.

It has been an incredibly interesting year since I last posted. For all intents I have retired from truly pursuing a professional career in music. The occasional “gig” is still happening and I have begun to look at Logic again and see what I was in process on when I took a break, but ultimately there are no plans for anything significant.

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I Must Do

I must do what I say and believe most deeply, at least as much as I say it, I must do it. I must repent and turn from the dark, I must understand and live the light….I must do…..

Right Versus True

It is often better to be at peace than to be right. Arguing with a fool won’t change their mind. Now standing up for truth and justice is a completely different thing, but it still needs to be done in a way that measures conflict.
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