Some Different Musings

I thought I would write something a little different today, a little about the musical journey I am on right now. Well, actually it is the non musical part of the musical journey. For those interested in a career in music this might add some insight.   I am in the...

Mike Janzen Jazzes

I have never actually had the pleasure of working with Mike because he does the same thing as me, plays and sings. Admittedly he is much better!!! Great job Mike!! Love the jazz stuff.

Concert in Oakville Tonight

Really looking forward to the first trio concert for "Buried Thoughts" tonight at Oakville Bible Chapel. Tickets are available for $10 the door. Concert at 7pm. Hope to see you there!!Sent on the TELUS Mobility network with BlackBerry

CD Review/Feature at!!

I connected with in Nashville when I was there for GMA’s Immerse, and have an add running to gain some exposure in the US. They have also written a feature on the new CD. Check it out here, and please fell free to share it with many.Concert tomorrow...