A brief thought. As so many of us continue to think about what worship is, I wonder if we have become too intellectual and abstract in our thinking.

For instance, if I want to create a chocolate bar (a noble goal), I would go through a creative process of thinking about the flavour I wanted, how it would be put together and held together, how it would be packaged and produced. All of that would take time, planning, creativity and execution. There would a simplicity to it though, because through the whole process there would not be much room for error. The bar would either taste good or not. It would hold together or not. It would fit in the package or not…etc. By focusing on what I am trying to accomplish, making a chocolate bar, I simplify so much of the process.

I think an area that needs improvement in many churches is defining worship simply. Again, this might take some work, time, creativity, planning, but if we do not have a simple picture of what we would like it too look and “taste like”, it quickly becomes cerebral. Terms like “having a good heart” need to be defined in connection to a pragmatic thought that it should be good. How do you know if the packaging fits if you don’t know what you want to put in the package?

If one creates a simple picture, and develops a reasonable plan to achieve it, it becomes simple to see if we are achieving the goal. I do realize there is the other problem, the picture is well defined but there is little appetite or ability to execute the vision, but that is fodder for another post.

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