So a chapter in my life is coming quickly to a close. I have been a Pastor here in Newmarket for 5 years as of May 1st. That is pretty much the longest I have ever been at any job, and although I am not trying to prove the Gen-X definition true, I am heading to another post starting the first week of May.

I am heading to FTC Canada and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity. I am sure I will have many refelctive thoughts about my time here as time goes by, but at this point I am trying to come to grips with all of the changes on the way. New job, selling and buying houses, new vehicle for the long commute (at least to start), baby on the way this summer. Shouod be an interesting few months.

On top of that I will try and keep the very behind schedule CD coming. Should be done drums this month which will help, and then on to bass and other live instruments.

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