Well I found it encouraging or inspiring, maybe you will too! I am an instant fan of the show Studio 60. I really liked West Wing for the most part, and have really enjoyed the stylized kind of TV that Aaron Sorkin has put out. I have not personally ever experienced that intensely cool of a work environment, but then again I have never worked in a premier studio in all of the world, or the White House – so it makes sense. I get that may never be my reality in terms resources and environment, but one verbal exchange from the show was very inspiring.

One of the characters was slightly at odds with another character regarding some historic issues between them. It was crunch time and the one wanted to make sure with the other that they were good. Paraphrased it went:

“Hey about yesterday”
“Forget it, let’s work”

So many things in life, so many successes and failures, and challenges. Sometimes so many “good things to do”, or tensions. Too often they are distractions from the cause.

Jesus faced this too. I am still processing the learning I did from this within the last couple of years, but really early in Jesus’ ministry (Luke 4:38-44) He was healing people and the people did not want Him to leave. His response, “I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.” Surely you can stay a while and heal Jesus, I mean that’s good stuff right. Nope, got to work, at the right thing, not just the good things.

So what’s the encouragement? Simply I think it is to stay focused on the mission of Christ. The other stuff will happen, but we must keep it from defining us. Jesus was known for His ability to heal, but His legacy is His message of the kingdom of God. We can know God through Christ. To be like Jesus, that needs to be what I am about. So back to work.

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