I think the most difficult thing in this world, especially this Western world, is to be yourself. Who God made you to be. We get so distracted by the meaningless. Not to trounce on cars or houses or brands, but the reality is, our physical wrappings are meaningless. We desire to dress for success, drive the car that shows success etc., and it takes us away from the things, often simpler, that bring us real joy. Would you paint more if you didn't have to work twice as much to afford that home. Would you sing? Would you hike, play more sports, spend more time with your children instead of buying an iPod or iPhone for them?

Honestly not a bash on any of those things in and of themselves, but if you could be all that you wanted to be today, for God, for your spouse, for your children, would you be doing what you are doing today, living where you are living, or would it look different?

Posted via email from Cliff Cline

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