British Columbia. Lived there for several years in the lower mainland. I am one of the few, apparently, the willingly came back to Ontario from the land of milk and honey. I came back in part due to the awful weather they have there so much of the time. I am affected by the dinginess, alas, Ontario works for me. Having spent a week in Florida in October (non-hurricaine)….

Anyway, I miss the people there. I think most of them hardly give me a whip of a thought, but I really liked so many of the people I went to high school and university with. There were certainly more friends at the latter, but people get lives and a circle of friends – and me moving here didn’t help that much, so it becomes a distant ache of missing. But I do from time to time feel it strongly.

I was looking through some old “achievements” and “participations” from those times. I was so young, and some of the things done were pretty amazing, pretty inspiring. I think sometimes they are inspiring because of the age of the source. Young people achieving excellence is, well, surprising, inspiring, rare. At least in the context of what I am thinking. The counter is perhaps what is hard. Excellence in the “more mature” is expected, not original, and simaltaneously highly valued and disregarded. Hmmm.

Watched ‘Batman Begins’ last night. The one phrase of the movie that was central (paraphrased) was, “It doesn’t matter what is on the inside, it is what you do on the outside that makes a mark”.

It seems to me that life is:

  1. Spiritual: How are we doing with our creator;
  2. Relational: How are we doing with our family, friends, and neighbours, and;
  3. Vocational: What good are we actually accomplishing with our lives for and in the above two.

Just thinking.

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