Let me answer this one for you, yes! I started and finished Peter Arnell's book Shift last weekend. It is a compelling story of the journey he undertook in the last few years to bring his existence together in "One Life" rather than living in silos of work, family etc.

I really do recommend the read, especially if you are looking for inspiration and motivation. To build on yesterday's post, let me suggest a next step. Once you find that positivity, start to identify your dream, that thing you always have wanted to accomplish or be. Then start to develop a plan to achieve it. Do not let the potential obstacles create any form of negativity, in fact, breaking through those obstacles are the successes you can look forward to on your way to achieving your dream. But the shift you can start now begins with these last two posts:

  1. Fill your mind with that positive thought, and keep it there;
  2. Focus on your dream, and start to write down a plan to get there.

Do you feel it, something just Shifted!! Thanks Peeeeetah (as they say in New York)

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