As you travel and put your music out there, there are always two levels on which you operate:

  1. I am just doing this to positively influence as many people as I can and,
  2. Man I hope they like me.

Well I have had my share of feeling like people don’t like me or my music, but it is real fun when people discover your stuff and then really like it. Especially when they are radio people!! Check this unsolicited quote out from my indieheaven site:

“ROCKIN RON (Rating: 10)”heard “noticing the sky” yep had to add that to my kbcu 88.1 playlist. but its when i heard the whole cd.. my heart told me this is one of the best praise and worship cds to listen to with no distractions. good stuff. EVERY SONG a winner on this great cd.”

Thanks Rockin Ron – you made my day.

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