The day job took me to Guatemala a couple of weeks back. I really should have blogged from there, but I didn't. My visit there was successful from a business standpoint but challenging otherwise. I will fist say that I think it is very important to help the helpless, that is what I do in my day job, but as I get more experience in the NGO/NFP world I am realizing the complexity of this task. Political agendas, corruption, prejudice are just a few of the major things that impede progress. I think sometimes it is very important to do the good while you look for the great. I think there are bigger and better solutions out there, but I currently they must be shared or created. I don't know what they are yet.

Family connections have let us vacation in Florida for several years now, and this year is only different in that we have been able to come for two weeks. Such a blessing! I hope to come back rested and rejuvenated to continue to press on with the current plan on workouts, personal goals and working hard at helping kids.

Small victory while I have been away, another radio station has started playing my new single "One Night", so I am very excited. I will endeavour to blog once more this vacation.


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