Kind of fun. As I mentioned earlier I am going to Nashville through an independent artists association out of the same town for a writer’s showcase in September. Well yesterday they released some information on their radio program, a way they help artists get exposure to Christian radio primarily in the states. They have started a chart to track the popularity of the songs that are in the program according to fans and passersby.

To my surprise I was not at the bottom of the list but about half way up, and I hadn’t e-mailed my “fan” base yet to alert them to the opportunity to vote me up the charts (I have as of about 10 minutes ago).

You can help too!! Check out the Indieheaven Radio Show, look for my song Noticing the Sky at about 22 and rate me (5 preferably:))and let’s watch it move up together. You can vote once every 24 hours.

Anyway a quick update. Having fun with this stuff, hope you are too.


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