The year marches on. One of the things I am learning is that network is so important. Who likes you or buys your music is often influenced by who you like and who you buy. I have long been passionate about the concept of Canadian artists supporting each other, and I think many of them do. Since I have this forum I thought I would start highlighting some good work when I see it from time to time.

Andrew Horrocks of A.M.E, Recording Studio has been pumping out many great artists and music as a producer for years. Although I have not had the ability to work with him professionally I have really appreciated the work he has done for several Canadian artists. Some of you may know Ali Matthews. Andrew's work was included on several tracks on her new CD. Ali is a very decorated musician in Canada, and it is good to see the growth and change that working with Andrew brought her on this last project. We all need to keep growing and developing, and often we need to try new things to get there. Check out here new CD.

As you have read here I am pushing myself this year by producing a song every month. I have changed my music page on my website to make navigating through my releases easier. On the right are my songs of the month, Jan and Feb released and ready on iTunes ad CDBaby. My other 3 CDs from 2002 to 2009 are there as well. I am in pre-production on the March song of the month, it will be the first worship song of the series.

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