You know, committing to grow in knowledge is intellectually admirable, practically painful and always an eye opener. Those that don’t commit themselves to it will often find they are self un-aware. (check this blog)

I have been reading a couple of John Maxwell books lately. Finished 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and am most of the way through the 17 Irrefutable Laws of Teamwork.

Obviously there is a lot in these books that I know. The issue quickly becomes, even though you have knowledge, how well are you implementing it into your reality. Leading and Team playing, not mutually exclusive. A friend of mine has repeatedly said to me having a big vision is one thing, but the true test of a leader is actually taking people to where you claim you are going.

Not particularly planning on revealing much more than that today, but man do I have to take it to the next level. Another year of growth it is. Pray for me!

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