As a change of pace from my fluffier posts, I will start to address a burning issue in me.
Despite a few glowing examples to the contrary the major issue with the church in Canada is that we have too many of them, and we have too many of them because we have too many men and women who think they are, or want to be THE leader. Too many pastors have bought into the career path of pastor which culminates in Lead or Senior Pastor. Trying desperately to figure out how to grow the institution rather than proclaim and defend the truth and build the kingdom of God. Further to that, the lay leaders or Elders are often not really qualified. Good family men, maybe, wealthy, more often than not, but that isn't a qualification. Able to teach, my experience is mostly not, in fact many don't know their Bible nearly well enough to be protectors of the truth contained therein.
I hear a lot of talk about servant leadership, but it is mostly empty. At the end of the day, Jesus Christ, for whom the church is bride metaphorically, simply proclaimed the truth. He really did not try to build anything besides a relationship with those who he did not have one. To bridge the gap between humanity and God His father. The sum of those relationships is the church, and our mandate is clear, build more relationships.
I have much more to say on this, and I need to include much scripture to contextualize, but this is a teaser to get some thoughts moving.
One last thought. I am not a Pastor, but I once was. I am not bitter, just not called in that way. I am not an Elder and never have been one officially. The authority I will continue to build this conversation on is the Bible, not purely my opinion (but we all come with some lens right). I am also a regular attender and participator in a local church that I am pleased to be a part of. So if this sounds like the beginning of a rant, it really isn't. Perhaps it is a warning shot over the bow.

Posted via email from Cliff Cline