Well as you know I have begun the pre-production of my next CD. Things are coming along. I have no way of knowing how long it is going to take to get this CD done, but I know I won’t release it until I am incredibly happy with the songs and the production. Pre-production is a long way from that, but am having a tonne of fun adding bones to the songs I have written. I am almost 4 songs into the pre-production process and I think I will pre-produce ay least 14 to choose from. After that the process gets more exprensive as I hire musicians to put in the real deal.

On a side not I have been using the stuff I bought to enhance ministry at Valley View the church I am music pastor at. I have done a whole service with the drums and bass “programmed” into Logic, and I roughly did some production to a tune I wrote specifically for a sermon last week.

It has been fun to learn and experiment and create. I am looking forward to much more of the same.

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