The discipleship journey in Christ is both simple and complicated. Tonight I want to concentrate on the simple.

Several conversations about this topic have led me to this blog. How do I know I am moving forward in Christ, or more specifically, how do I know that I, as a Christian, am in the right place?

The answer to me is simple, but multi-tiered. If you are moving forward in Christ, than you are in an environment that God would like. He wants you to grow in Him. Therefore, the environment itself may or may not be totally positive (e.g. can one under persecution grow – of course) but if you can find are focussing on God and are able to grow, it probably is an acceptable environment. If not, move on.

In the Bible, some related to Paul, some to Apollos ( as I understand it) Paul was like, dude who cares as long as Christ is being taught. Makes sense non?

Maybe too simplistic, but we need to serve God to out fullest in humility and with passion. If we move from place to place and never hit that, it is probably us, if we move and find it – good move.

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