So things are coming along, and the year is passing quickly it seems. I am heading to Ottawa next week to lead the music for the evening services at the Alliance National Assembly. I am very excited about the prospect, but the work in prep of details etc. has been a little overwhelming. It is not as easy as simply bringing a band, I am bringing together musicians who have not played together before and fusing us together, fast, on the first day of rehearsals. I love leading rehearsals and music but man, this is going to be a ride. It already is.

On top of that things are warming up for the service I am helping with this fall called the Well. At the end of last week we finalized the specs on our sound system for launch and put in the order. Once again, exciting stuff, but another ball in the air to juggle.

Lastly I am working on the CD, or trying to. It looks like my back is now against the wall, because I am launching for sure this November, so the clock is now officially ticking. That is basically exactly four years from the release of Noticing the Sky. Too long, but at least it is coming.

Hectic to say the least. The next few months should prove to be very…adventurous.

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