Have you ever thought that you would just like to reboot your life? I like the metaphor of a reboot for a couple of reasons. Often, we have to reboot our computer (yes even Mac users once in while) because the system has crashed or a program is not responding. The thing is, once the computer starts again, if we are fortunate, all of the previous good work and files are still there, it is just that the computer is functioning well again. Now, any of the bad work and useless files are still there as well, but in a sense we instantly get a fresh start at work. To emphasize, unless it is a full crash, we can't erase the past, you never can but that is very computer and life philosophical, but the point is –  line in the sand….reboot.
I currently feel like I am in reboot mode in every aspect of life. I have been working out for over a year and a half now, but I need a refresh to move forward. I finished the CD Buried Thoughts and have started to promote it, but I need a new wave of creativity and energy to promote for the next year and keep fresh musically. Spiritually I feel like it has been a tough two and a half years since I left being a Pastor to where I am today. Even in family, all of the above has led to the hard drive of life feeling over worked. Many of the "files" that have been created are good files, but I need to refresh the system, put things in their folders, organize, take a deebreath as my eldest daughter used to say, and embrace a new more productive, fresher (is that a word) future.
Keep you posted…..
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