My apologies, I haven’t felt as inspired on the writing side of things lately, and thus, haven’t written. A few little fun things to recount.

Last weekend I used my new-ish MacBookPro laptop running Logic to back up the worship band. The band consisted of 4 singers, myself singing and leading from piano and a led guitar player. The computer played bass and drums programmed by yours truly. Apple Loops are pretty amazing, I switched up the verse, chorus and sometimes even the bridge drum parts to make them sound as legit as possible. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to keep the energy up. Reviews were actually really good. Everyone likes live, including yours truly, but a good experiment gone well.

The day before I spent the whole day rehearsing and the evening dong a live worship recording for Heather Thirsk (no website yet) in Barrie. Really a great experience, and I connected with some amazing musicians and singers who I have not connected with for a while or ever. Great to do that sort of thing.

I have a few more updates, but I need something to write about in the next few days so I will let you know more then.


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