anonymous comment:
“Someday I hope to hear of a Canadian Church that American Churches are listening too via Satellite feed! Does every church in Canada have to copy Willowcreek, Saddleback, or Harvest! Can’t just one have an identity of their own???”

Man you could not hit more at the heart of how I am thinking in life. Truthfully, I am a pastor in Canada primarily because I think I should be here. There is far more “career” opportunity in the States, but there is no where near the need.

Just so you know, the church I am the music pastor at is starting to build its own identity. Moreover, we are trying to help other Canadian churches develop their own identity. We are starting with worship, although the approach we are taking is more holistic. Starting this fall we are beginning the Fusion Conference, a conference not about industry etc., but about the biblical context of worship and worship leaders in the church. Our goal is to develop and find Canadian Christian leaders who can speak to, over the long haul, the surprisingly different Canadian landscape as it applies to trying to fulfill the mission of the church in Canada.

Come on out, if you are near, whether you are involved in worship or not. It’s our start in response to your good comment, although, it won’t broadcast to 50,000 people this year:)

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