So this fall is here….now. Ominous isn’t it?

I am looking forward to the launch this Sunday of the Well service at St.Giles Presbyterian. Things have come together well for the launch and the next few months seem to be shaping up as well, and I am looking forward to being there and seeing things develop for that church community.

The CD is still coming along. I have all but one song with final bass done, and I need to move on to final everything else. The good news is that I am the one who has to do the rest as I am not outsourcing any of the other instruments, the bad news is that I have to do it all. I keep plodding down this part-time independent musical trail. It is fun, but I would said it is the equivalent of walking through he mud right now. So drums and bass almost done, vocals, piano, and guitar to clean-up.

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