What is it about a nature scene that makes you take a deep breath and relax. That makes life and the moment seem simpler than the second before. The creative force behind this scene is far from simple, in fact the complexity of the tides, waves, make-up of the sand, structure and strength (and fragility) of the coastline itself is mind boggling, but we don’t see that do we.

I recently read or heard a discussion on simplicity as it pertained to casting vision, and leading a company or project. The speaker referred to the fact that we as people long for the person who can come into the chaos and bring a simple message, but the truth is, very few things are simple. Underneath project plans and our day is immense detail that needs to be collated, processed, prioritized and executed.

I believe that the real art is being able to wrap all of that up in a package that controls the “free-radical” ideas, ensures that all elements in the package are “on vision”, and brings the priorities to the surface for implementation. A leader who does that will instil confidence because they have created an environment where the foundation of the detail is handled, providing stability, leaving all else to simply look at the beautiful, simple, scene of prioritized vision and purpose.

Posted via email from Cliff Cline

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