On Nashville

Well I sang in the semi-finals this morning of a artist competition. I know, seems oxymoronic, nevertheless, as I try and discern how to proceed in life with this music thing that so many of you reprimand me for not going full time with, I thought I would humble myself to 19 year old status and sing down here for scary professional people. Man I am humbled. They are all very nice mind you, but the other singers are great people with great voices. To quote an line from a new song from Buried Thoughts coming out in August from yours truly (taken out of context) "and I keep walking, to see what this might all mean".

On weather (in Canada and Nashville)

It's hot and humid and I love it. I wish I was playing outside instead of in the AC. I keep forgetting to ask or look what the weather is in TO, but sweaty armpits rock!!!!! I love the heat. Hey, those who remember me leading worship anywhere know I go through a shirt every half hour, it feels like home.

On the New CD, Buried Thoughts.

Released in August as promised (well that was my last promise and I am sticking to it). Digital last week of August, physical first week in September, except for Heritage Park in Windsor who I get to launch the new CD with. I have two firm bookings Aug and September and a more in the TBD stage.

On God

Wow, the Cline's are growing as a family, spiritually – come on did you really think a fifth child?! We know we irritate some of you with our constant wrestling with God, but can I say something? (Of course, it's my blog) the more we focus on what God wants for this world, how he made it, created it to be, the Bible refers to it as Kingdom "business", the more everything else just works. To be very Biblical, seek first God's Kingdom, and His righteousness, and the other things that SHOULD will follow because God will make it so. Should could mean nothing I imagine hope or dream, but at least it is what God wants.

Credits (new friends or generally friendly folk)

Guy Zabka, dude, God gave me a one on one with you. Thanks for being so honest giving such great advice. I will keep you posted…unless you don't want me too:)

Zandra Brown.com. Ok wow, so encouraging, people have come up to me to tell me you told them I was good. Thanks, gift of encouragement anyone?

Jason Whitehorn, Godbeat.com. You prayed with me. Thanks, that was huge.

Charles Dorris. Again, I know that you were there to do it, but man you were kind with your time, and you are just so very generous in spirit.

Brigette Hammers.com and your husband, (sorry already forgot your name, you need to get a card too Manager.) Again with the encouragement. Thanks for the CD swap!!

Jenna Miller, I felt bad chasing you down, but I got that you were so into the church, so I just wanted to say hi. Again with the kindness. Thanks for the time.

David Breen, dude so real. Thanks for your authetic words on autheticity. Makes sense really, but you can't have one without the other. Drop you a line in six to nine months!!

GMA, thanks for connecting us. For my TO friends, it was worth the drive to Acton, and oh, it's not over.

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