So God has blessed us with three girls, and I am getting more and more scared. They are all young now, the oldest (6) is just getting to the place where prolonged conversations are a regularity. The younger two (3 and 2) are still very physically demanding and less inclined to want to recline with pops and chat about the day. I am a chatter. It seems with life’s business that we are more often than not in survival mode rather than proactive development mode. Obviously our main goal is to provide an incredibly loving environment, and give them the security that gives, but where from here? Sports, school, music lessons (one would hope I will pick up the slack and start teaching my own kids more music), and other things?

Alas, literally musings. In some ways this is such an amazing time of watching them grow up and mature and interact together. But three teenage daughters, three in marriage age, three in university, wow, I better enjoy the moment.


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