This is just a thought that I wanted to get out there. One disclaimer, I am not by writing this insinuating that I possess the intellectual weight to carry the conversation, but with that introduction this is my premise:

We no longer debate, philosophize or otherwise seriously discuss truth, or rightness, or wrongness. It is no longer relevant in the context of our social fabric to consider this because, I think, the concept of relative truth dominates. By relative truth I mean the concept that what is right for me is right. In the past this would have led to a philosophical conversation that would travel somewhere like this:

A “What is right for me is my truth.”
B “Well if that is true for you is it true for me?”
A “If you want it to be of course!”
B “Well it feels right to kill you.”
A “That is not acceptable to me.”
B “I suppose that doesn’t really matter.”

You can imagine a good deal of conversation and debate should occur after this conversation to determine where the flaws are in the conversation and how the truth that could be derived from such a conversation could situationally be applied to other circumstances in life, but the conversation has stopped hasn’t it?!

It seems we live in a place where by a very narrow edge, people are not killing each other. We are cheating and lying so badly millions of people lose billions of dollars. We are living lives to excess so that millions go hungry when literally we have the resources globally to stop hunger. We push political ideologies that are no longer being tested for truth as they transform and turn into something different than was originally intended. We follow “Bible Teachers” who are no longer being held accountable for the legitimacy of their scholarship or interpretation, but rather how “relevant” or “real” the presentation is.

All I am asking for is some more widespread dialogue. Not by those trying prove a point. Not by those trying to blow up the concept of truth, but by those who actually crave and believe that truth represents good. Truth represents all that could be in this world if it is learned and followed with integrity. Just a thought.