What’s Going On?

  • Spring, sweet spring is bringing energy back with gusto. Man I love the heat, any heat, when it comes to weather.
  • Vacation. We have not taken a break since last October. Poor planning in some respects. Making up for it with a 10th anniversary break in Cancun!! (sans les enfants) with amazing friends!!
  • Music:
  • At church the bands and singers have been soooo good. I have really been enjoying some of the musical ideas and progress we are making. Worship has been great.
  • Personal Music. Not enough gigging is getting me down a little. That being said, and I think I have several times, I am writing some cool new tunes. Also it looks like the jazz thing might come back onto the table soon. Kind of cool.
  • Beyond that looking forward to slowing down a little (I hope) over the summer. Connect stronger with family and friends.