Last year was not the year I planned for music, that is for sure. I imagined touring with my just released CD "Buried Thoughts", and being very busy. In the end my year was more defined by the work that came out of my day job due to the earthquake in Haiti and a massive internal restructuring of operations then musical endeavours. My hope is to change that this year, and over the next two weeks I will be sharing how.

But for now, what did I do last year?

  1. Blogged 83 times, my second highest since starting in 2004.
  2. Led worship 13 times (including my home church). This also included wrapping up my time with the Well church plant in Toronto. There might have been a couple more.
  3. Released Buried Thoughts to radio…a few stations picked it up.
  4. Completed phase one of the creation of my studio, phase two is this year.
  5. Started writing many more songs and released one worship song on the site on my new worship resources page.
  6. Had one post read over 650 times, "One Day to Today", which is one of my favourite too! It is still my thought going into the New Year.

Although I am pleased that I can post those accomplishments, I do plan for much more this year. In fact, this next year is going to be very focused. I will share with you later this week how you can follow my progress, support my endeavours, and God willing be blessed by what I am setting out to do in 2011.

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