So I have been less frequent with the blogs which is a result of a heavy day job work load, I have been doing the better part of two jobs since December of last year, lots of recording activity, and some extra curricular and social on top of that. All in all a great last few months.

I have been pleased and surprised to find that the traffic to the site and this blog has been very high (for me) in spite of the intermittent blogging. The host service I use only provides the stats in unique visitors per week. I would love to see it per month, but maybe I can find that out another time. Right now I am over 400 unique visitors a week – and – some of you are starting to download the sheet music from the CD, I am assuming to use for church or personal use. Obviously that is exciting to me, so let me know how you are using it and how it is going. Drop me a line, or a comment.

Talk to you soon.

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