One act at a time. One of the themes that runs through my mind and I think this blog is trying to overcome obstacles that keep us from moving forward whether it be spiritually, physically, or relationally etc.
Obviously a big piece of my life is my day job at Speroway, the children’s charity I work for. One of my daily challenges is trying inspire, awake, educate, and advocate for and on behalf of children who can’t speak for themselves.

But how can you or I make a difference? How can we make a start? It really is one act at a time. No matter what you are trying to do in life, find a very small way to make a start and do it. A $10 online donation to a charity of repute, volunteering somewhere close by your house, dropping a meal off to an out of work neighbour, you get the idea. Pick one thing and do it. It will lead to another, it just will.