You have heard a little of this before on this blog, and maybe this is simply more self-justification, but I must say I believe in do-overs. Maybe I mean start overs, maybe I mean start a new, maybe I mean just starting late.

I have an aunt who I respect greatly. I would say that she has not had the easiest pathway, and at one point needed to do over, in her 40’s. So she did. Got a law degree, became a lawyer, and is now, and will retire a judge. Nice do over!

When I was 16 I wanted a studio. I wanted to record my own music, I wanted to be that guy. Well it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I finally got one, and I feel like every song I produce I am getting better and closer to doing something of the quality I dreamed of all those years ago.

One thing I will tell you, is that you need support. In life you need encouragement, and it is important to surround yourself with the delusionally supportive (my children really think I am famous!), the unconditionally supportive (my beautiful wife speaks the truth in love) and the constructively supportive (I have a few voices that have generously critiqued my progress these past few years, and they are helping me get better). I would suggest none of the purely critical, it is hard enough sticking to things when you receive good feedback, negativity is just hard.

I can’t encourage you enough. If you have found it and are doing it, good for you. You are blessed, keep doing it and get better!! For the rest of us, start now. Do over from scratch. Find a way to do your passion. I am not talking about being reckless and quitting a job. I am talking about being passionate and chasing a dream.

Yes it is a roller coaster and perspective is everything. Find ways to keep perspective. Last night I was up far too late, tired and bleary eyed, producing the next song, and it was great. The process was great, I kind of felt like that guy, even if just for a while.

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