After such a long break from posting here I would be very surprised that many would be checking back.

It has been an incredibly interesting year since I last posted. For all intents I have retired from truly pursuing a professional career in music. The occasional “gig” is still happening and I have begun to look at Logic again and see what I was in process on when I took a break, but ultimately there are no plans for anything significant.

The one constant is leading worship at my local church, and I do hope to continue doing that until I am no longer relevant – hopefully many years from now.

As I reflect on this past year and all of the interactions I have had with different leaders within different churches, my main concern is still around the lack of biblical grounding in our opinions on worship. I largely do not care about style conversations, liturgy conversations, or tradition conversations, either positively or negatively, until I hear the “calling” to any such an approach from someones interaction with the bible. Why do worship? How do we organize? What standards on skill and personal walk do we value and enforce? There are many more questions to answer.

To me, if one has a desire to lead worship in a church, I think that desire should be formed from a passion to fulfill what scripture has asked us to do in that area. What is God’s heart on the matter?¬† If we are not able to articulate that passion clearly and succinctly with a spiritually discernible authenticity, what are we doing again?

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