I thought I would have some fun while reminding you of the new single, “Beautiful For You”, and perhaps poke some fun at myself.

  1. If you like it is, only .99 cents, not even one coffee.
  2. I don’t have 2000 Facebook/Twitter or any other kind of friends; I need your help to get it beyond my circle.
  3. You have thought more than once, “Cliff’s pretty good”, I wonder why he never seems to get anywhere with music…..
  4. “Beautiful for You” has a great message, it needs to be passed on…see story behind the song: http://cliffcline.blogspot.com/2011/01/story-behind-song-adoption.html
  5. You will officially be a supporter of the “Cliff Cline Song of the Month Club” (I don’t know if it is a club, but what else to call it?)
  6. You have actually heard me laugh, and singing is like me laughing in tune…
  7. If you do, you can definitely claim to be responsible for something spreading virally on the web, I mean, who else was it?
  8. There is a very cool surprise in the song…..you have to buy it to hear it…
  9. You are my record label….
  10. Is there a kinder way to support an artist than referring them on?

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