Do you ever feel that for all of your striving, you are ever failing? A walk around the block is a circle, not a journey, and a debatable amount of exercise.

Sometimes I relate too much to the movie It’s A Wonderful Life. By that I mean, I can’t see the good stuff. It might be there, but I can’t see it. As some other movie said, after a while the bad stuff is easier to believe. (because it is just way more prevalent)

I have been reading several blogs lately. Quite a few of just folk, linking through a friends blog to their friends etc., not artists or intellectuals, not “thinkers” or writers, just folk.

There is so much criticism in our society. It seems that many many people feel judged, not good enough. Like they don’t measure up. I am there. How can you not be. Almost everyday I/we are told how we do not measure up to someone’s standard.

Ironically that is a message that can too often come from the people who bare the responsibility to pass on the message of God’s hope for the world. The hope that the world would try and know who He is and hat He’s about. I know I mess up with this all the time.

So what is the message of God. On one hand, yes you don’t measure up to God, but…. you can. As has been said often, it is not easy, but it is simple. KISS, keep it simple stupid. Man do I need to remeber that. Just be the truth that is in the Bible. When you fall short, just try and be more the next day, knowing that the very exercise (humility, repetence, trying to live the truth, not just know it) is success in God’s eyes. Following the teachings of Jesus and the Bible (accepting and following them) allows us to live in this positive and hopeful reality. We are better than ok with our creator God.

Yes it is incredibly difficult to keep that simple focus, but I write this to remind myself, and I suppose others – Just Do It.

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