Hard to believe that after 5 years I will be moving on to another day job in less than a week. As seems to be the case almost every time I do this it involves a move (selling the house) a baby – Stef is pregnant, of course the new job and then some spice like a big commute until we move, a CD project on the go – and maybe even some consulting work thrown in for good measure.

Obviously I am very excited on all fronts and am relishing the challenge of it all. I am also trying to take some time and actually mark the transition. I have basically spent 33% of my working life at this job, the number will go down, but right now – that is a significant chunk of investment. I have learned tonnes, done much, had life altering experiences, met great people, seen some of them move on with job change and life change and now I am one the ones moving on.

Interesting though. We have made some connections as a family that I think will be life long. It will be very interesting to see things progress.

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