The ebb and flow of life has been poetically described in so many ways. I do like the biblical metaphor of hills and the valleys. I think it is nearly impossible not to identify emotionally with that metaphor if you can breathe, and you have ever taken in more geography than a flat square few miles of the prairies.

And what do you do when you ride the roller coaster ride of life, trying to piece together the bizarre, the illogical, and the blessing of family and friends?

You stay the course. What course? For me, the course that Jesus Christ set in His last words here on earth, to fulfill a promise God made to provide a way to know Him. Jesus said, what Ezra modelled – Learn, Do, Teach. He said go and make disciples teaching everything I have commanded you. (ref: the whole passage Matt 28:18-20)

I would love to say staying the course flattens the hills and valleys – but it doesn’t. It does give you strength, hope and vision to keep walking when at times you would rather not.

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