Had a great lunch the other day meeting up with a good friend from yester-year. It is amazing to see how journeys evolve and people change, and stay the same. It wasn’t so long ago I had lunch with another old friend who was able to relate to my new job and give some great advice on the transition. FaceBook, now there’s a old friend connection hub too. It has been great connecting with so many.

So it has been about 6 weeks at the new job and things have been advancing in many ways ahead of schedule. I am responsible to create many things here which is both exciting and tiring as you have the creative juices flowing everyday. I ave never been in the charity “business” so there is also all the learning and terminology changes that are fun to navigate and learn. It is great connecting with a whole new set of people though, both new co-workers and partners in the work.

There’s a new, big, Starbucks going in near the office here! I am very excited. Great place for meetings and thinking sessions I can already see it. I should not be so excited, but I am. Triple shot latte please! Coffee has been key in keeping the energy up through the 3plus hour drive everyday and in the office. Got my grinder and Starbuck’s beans bien sur.
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