There are a few things I have been trying to do more of lately. I would say this year, but the way things have gone with work and family and music I didn’t really have a, “oh now it is 2007” kind of start. The beginning of December marked some significant changes to normal life, the November before that was a great social time with many cool milestones, and January this year has been a transition into different things. One of the things I am doing more of currently is preaching. You can check that out here.

We have been visiting more and more people, as well, new friends, old friends etc. I am constantly amazed by how busy we all are. Work with everyone is busy, whether it be homemaking, career work, or both for some. Combined with home renos, other hobbies or interests, dedicated service at church and beyond it is a heavy load. But is it bad?

Maybe I am justifying, but I think not. I think it is all about balance.

Incredibly short and incomplete context: I write this from the perspective of someone who thinks that God is real, created the universe, wrote a book to reveal who He is to humanity, through real, mystical, and symbolic means provided one way to have a real interaction and relationship with Him through Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction.

So, with the balance that priorities based on a relationship with God begets a certain work ethic and enjoyment of the creation that God has given us by placing us in the middle of it, I think hard work, a kind of busyness that allows relationships to grow in love and thrive in an environment that is about being someone who increasingly follows the the Bible with all this in balance isn’t really foolish busyness, but worship in all things.

The load, it is heavier, but I thank God for all that it is.

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