Blogging is by its very nature a risky adventure, in that, it is very difficult not to be self-absorbed in both your posting and desires.

I blog in main to stay somewhat connected to those who might be interested in my musical pursuits. As much as it feels like I am doing a lot right now I know that by a professional musicians standards I am standing still. Nevertheless I fight on.

I also jabber about how hard life is, blah, blah. How I have left one job, on to another another, – yawn – blah, blah etc.

The new job. Helping hungry, sick kids around the world. God help me:
a) make a difference
b) thank you every minute for my healthy children
c) have the energy to do all of things I should be doing, not just what tickles my fancy

A mild self reprimand of sorts. Lots to do, some of it really counts. Better more that counts than less.