So I am online again as I previously mentioned and I finally got a significant editing session in this evening. This one track is giving me grief and will test my limited editing chops but I already see the time is worth it. As I listen to some of the rough mixes there are only a few touch ups throughout the other 11 songs that are needed. Unfortunately this one song is a complete re-working of the drums and I think I am just slow because this isn’t my full-time job. I learned a couple of shortcuts on th mac tonight that made life so much easier. I got a lot done, so I hope to finish the drums on this song by the end of the week, leaving only those few edits on the rest left.

I have made contact with the bass player, so I will be lining up that tracking in the coming weeks, and then of course are the real piano, all of the final vocals and BGs, mix down, mastering and then production. On top of that is the design and artwork.

The hard part, as with anybody like me, is that you rarely get into a groove because it is all so piecemeal. Hopefully I can have a good run at it this fall. I love the stuff that is in this CD and I can’t wait to get it done and release it. On the other hand, you want to do it right, so I am trying to make sure there that balance. That is, after all, why I set my own studio up, so I could get it done with flexibility, accessibility and control over all elements of the project. It is definitely fun to be making progress again.

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