I am simply passing on learning here, I am not an authority or originator of this concept. You may have heard the phrase “Your net worth will only ever be a large as your self worth.” Cheesy? I don’t think so.

Another concept that I have learned from this month’s success magazine via Joel Harper is deserve level. Do I think I deserve to be in shape? Do I think I deserve to succeed in life and family etc?

Something to think about. In my life there are certain things that I value so highly, that I think I deserve, or my family deserves, that I do what it takes to get it or give it. Pragmatically, Joel talks about finding a way to transfer that deserve level to areas of your life where for some reason or another you have not accepted it.

I really do not think this is an easy one, but I do think it is incredibly important. Think about how you can raise your deserve level in an area that you are unsatisfied with.