"The Gift"
It is good to see that many of you have taken advantage of the free download of my new CD, "Buried Thoughts". 180 donwloads so far.  Being a part-time musician has its challenges as it pertains to pushing ahead musical endeavours, but my goal really is to get as many as possible listening and enjoying and hopefully being moved by what I am able to create.
Seth Godin in his book Linchpin talks about the need to ship, in other words create something worth delivering, putting out there, and do it, on time and on budget. To that end I want to commit to shipping something to you all soon. By June 2010, I will be shipping a three more brand new songs, so look for that, it should be a very intriguing little project.
"The Studio"
I had a major break-through this week and finished the electrical in the new office/studio in my basement. I think I have to come up with a name for it. Any suggestions? The plan is to finish (ship) the studio and get it on production by May, giving me 6 weeks to produce the three aforementioned songs. They may end up being piano and vocal only, but that has been a common request of late from many of you.
"The Tour Phase Two"
I am trying to start putting together part two of the "Buried Thoughts" tour. If you would like to have me come out to your church, piano bar, coffee pub, let me know and we will set it up.
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