I picked up my repaired M-Audio board tonight, or should I say brand new board, which was a relief. When I brought it in for repair under warranty the good news was that the fellow at Long and Mcquade said hat he had never sent anything in to M-Audio before. He was actually referring to the fact he did not know how fast their service levels were, but I took it to also mean he rarely saw their product go south. I was a little nervous though, because if even a good manufacturer can have a lemon, and I did not want to suffer after the warranty was out with a machine that was serviceable but not overly reliable on a fluke.

Well the good news is they replaced the board all together, so hopefully I will have no future issues, as I have big plans for this thing. Four or five Cd’s worth or more if I can!

Needless to say, I was very pleased with both Long and McQuade and M-Audio. I feel well treated and taken car of in the process. Always a good feeling.

And 2 songs! In the end I only missed one mini-session, and I have rough mixed the second track we captured drums on. It too sounds amazing, so I am looking forward to the next session which will hopefully net us at least 4 songs, maybe more.

Oh yeah, and this is my 200th post. I am slow, but what can you do.