It has been a good year on the production side, but 3 songs in 4 months was not the goal, a song every month was. I know I will be able to release an extra song somewhere along the line here, because I have a very sparse production song planned for this year, but I need to pick my moment. This month will be another worship tune. I really like the song and now that I have started producing it, I am very excited about the direction is is taking – different again. I am learning a lot too. I have a couple of industry people out there who are critiquing the production and the songs as they come along, so I feel like I am definitely growing.

That being said I am very pleased with how things have come out so far (all links to iTunes for a listen):

January: Beautiful For You a song about the opportunity we have as the church to serve God by serving those without parents.
February: I Want To Tell You – hey it was February, I had to record a love song!!
March/April: I Will Bless The Lord – The first worship song of this year's singles, but certainly not the last. Remember lead sheets can be had for free here.

I will admit, the production of a song a month has proved somewhat grueling, but I do feel like it is taking me down a path towards the goal of creating better more impactful music.

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