So my lovely wife produced another gorgeous child, this one a boy last Friday very early, and we are six. Wow. Four beautiful children. I tool a couple days off work to help with the adjustment, and as usual the fam is helping out a tonne with the transition as well. I suppose that is normal. It makes you feel very dependent in a god way. I love that we have such a strong deep and wide family, and I definitely believe that God has everything to do with it. God in the majority of your family, a lot of health. If He is not…well my observation is that it is often way tougher.

Speaking of family and friends, they are all probably hoping that I stop using this massive life change stuff as an excuse for fatigue etc.I mean come on, now we have moved, changed jobs and had the baby, get the CD done and get on with it!

Maybe, but I think I will milk it a couple months longer anyway:)


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