We are all in transition aren't we? Those that know me know that I have been doing music pretty seriously for 25 years. In the last 16 I have recorded 5 CDs and performed many places. I suppose to some degree or another I had always hoped it would turn into something more, but it hasn't, and that is ok.
What isn't as ok for me is that I still want to create and share music. I hope to share art that changes people. Art that encourages and inspires.
The problem is that the "CD" as we know it has become a commodity. There are so many artists out there doing great stuff (I would like to think I am in that category) that many of them can not make an economic go of it (I am in that category too). For me though, I would far rather people have my music as a gift, than not have it at all. For me to have files on my computer or CDs in my basement collecting dust makes no sense. I have poured hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into producing a gift, and now it is time I give it away to as many as possible. Will you help me?
Although I can't afford to give away the CDs in my basement, I am going to treat them like the commodity they are and sell them as cheaply as possible. But the files, the mp3s I am going to give away.
Check back here next week and you will find a link to my music, my gift to you and whoever you share it with. See you then.