Positivity is so important, I really believe that. So is continuing to learn by reading a couple of books a month, so is setting goals and meeting them and shipping, for instance a song every month, or a blog post nearly everyday. My goal, bottom line, is to inspire through this blog and my songs and to add value to whoever might interact with these efforts, I hope I am succeeding, but it is too early to know. And guess what, it is tiring.

I remember a great line from the "Happiness Advantage" where Shawn Anchor mocks himself for being depressed at failing, for after all, how can a positive psychologist be depressed!?

I just want to be honest about the process. It is a lot of work, and there are valleys. Right now, I need to push forward, get the March song of the month done, and keep walking. Maybe some of you have been inspired enough by reading this blog to do what I am doing this year. Trying to break through some long standing barriers and go to the next level. I kind of look at this like working out. I am near the end of a workout, it hurts, but just one more set and then a day off. Keep you posted…..

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