One of the sub-themes I am trying to be transparent about on this blog is my current musical journey. My goal this year to produce a song a month has wrapped in it two larger goals. The primary goal is of creation, forcing myself to get the many songs I have competed or nearly completed into final form. The second is monetization, which I suppose is most artists goal with their art.

My distribution network is iTunes (and all the major digital stores), but iTunes does not market for you, you must bring them the customers. So I am blogging, not simply about music, because I feel hearing that I recorded this part or that part day after day would be boring, but also about all the things I am learning that are speaking into some of my other goals this year.

I related that my goal was to sell 2000 downloads of Beautiful For You, but that I obviously needed your help in terms of networking to the greater sphere which is our social networks combined. It is true I need advocates and patrons, so I am simply continuing to share my vision and story and to ask for help.

One of the risks I am taking is I am going to share the good the bad and the ugly. So when I get the first sales figures (not until the end of this month) I will share how we have done together. I am praying/hoping for good results!!

A good story I can share is that the traffic in terms of visitors to my site and blog has dramatically increased since my output on this blog has increased. Between my website and blogcast I estimate about 600 or 700 people are coming to the site over the course of a month. That is up many times over last year, so a good start there!!

Thanks to the many who keep coming here, I hope to keep you amused by this story, entertained with my music and add value through some of my other thoughts. 'Til the morrow.

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