In my efforts to become more happy (one of my goals for this year) I am starting to wrestle with my personal definition of authenticity. I have used the word a lot to describe what I crave in relationships and from those I try to follow. Authenticity defined means many things, but ultimately being real, legit, credible. I have always thought that those who were honest about their faults, sins or shortcomings were more authentic. An artist that bares their soul, business leaders who are self-aware. Often however, this can become a downer. It is true that there are many things going wrong in our own lives and in the world, acknowledging that is being authentic, but what about the opposite side of the story.

Is it not also authentic to know your strengths? While acknowledging the human condition, can we not also note that our strengths, when joined together, can provide hope and solutions to things. And although I know there are some who read this blog who do not share my belief in Jesus Christ, I personally gain hope and freedom from the negative of who I am from my belief that in Christ and His teaching, there is a spiritual forgiveness I am given allowing me to have a relationship with the Creator of the universe – God. Heavy I know, but that is my reality.

For me that turns my personal definition of authenticity upside down. Maybe more accurately it fills it out. As I seek to be more positive and happy about all things in life, so that I can be more successful and hopeful about all things, I am choosing to embrace a holistic view of authenticity with a positive bias.

Yes, there is hunger in this world….I am part of a team that has fed millions of meals to those in need in the last few years.
Yes, I am still a struggling singer/songwriter, but more than just my friends andĀ  family like my music. (But I they still count huge!!)

I have hopes and dreams, and I have the ability to realize them by believing my strengths can be built on, joined with others, and turned into something bigger. By the way, I think the same goes for you!!

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