A short little one stop tour, my specialty I suppose, to Windsor ON and back to Heritage Park Alliance Church where I visited last year. Great fun to go back to a place where you have been before. Saw most of the folk that I worked with last year and then met some more new friends.

The church itself is pretty slick in a good way, well run and the sound and lighting side of things is very strong, a great venue to play without having to fight any of those side issues. The sermon was on worship and the songs were fun to play. I had actually never played four of them. A good challenge and some nice tunes. It was book ended with some great upbeat tunes and having a pro drummer backing us up was a highlight.

So Thanksgiving and then a return visit to St. Giles in Toronto. I as hoping to be promoting the new CD by now, but I am happy to get out playing again as I ramp back into the production phase.

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