What you ask? A blog in the late evening on my new deck!! That is a bout the only relation the rest if this blog will have to the title, but hey, it’s blogging. There aren’t too many rules.

This isn’t exactly the Worship Part deux that I think will be in the works at some time, but I have been thinking and surfing lately to see how I might improve my “performance” at “work”.(forgive the cynic in me, but for those that might be scrutinizing the blogging habits of yours truly a question – am I working now? Was I working as I cruised the net to develop and learn more about my job on my weekend. Things that make you go hmmmm.)

Alas, I came across the site of a fellow who was previously unknown to me who shared the same last name. Drew Cline He is a worship pastor near Nashville, TN in Franklin, TN. He wrote in his worship journal on his site about his challenges. Trying to stay fresh and cool. Adding multiple elements and variety (something I do poorly) to the services he runs.

So valid I think. So cool to see someone struggling to come back to the normal, at least for a time, because the stretch to be cool or fresh can be distracting. Man I appreciated the openness and honesty. I also saw the diversity. Something I could add to my ministry. Just cool. Something to look to. Gotta keep learning and growing, you know?


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